Meet Jill

My professional journey began with Sesame Street at the age of 2. I was inspired to play the violin and proceeded to beg my parents for years, non-stop, until they finally gave in at the age of 7. Persistence is what lead me to where I am today and whatever my future will bring. I have never settled for being told "no."

After many years of professional music training, touring & performing, and a Masters Degree from Northwestern University, I dove head first, without much prior knowledge or direction, into the world of business. The Journey has been a roller coaster ride. It's been challenging, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating, lucrative, and has introduced me to more inspiring people and experiences than I can count. I feel it's still just the beginning.

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Currently I work for a company called HubSpot, a software company that is an authority on internet and Inbound marketing. My role is Channel Account Manger where I coach marketing agencies and companies of all shapes and sizes to win in business and the internet. I have seen thousands of business, business owners, employees, and people with no marketing background what-so-ever transformed by an internet age where the smart, coachable, and creative individuals hold the keys to success.

I drink my own champagne and have put my coaching techniques to the test. Granite Ridge Estate and Barn, my family owned luxury Maine Mountain Barn Wedding venue, that we built from ground up, has been ranked one of the most beautiful barns in the USA. My Viral Great Dane Videos have been featured on Animal Planet and have been picked up by major news and blog sources.

My dreams are unique, they are big, and are my own.